Power Only

Power only trucking is not more complicated than earning money with any other type of equipment. Yet, many power only carriers struggle to connect with right shippers and third-party logistics providers in a bid to pay off the investments and make a profit.

If you are one of them, Resolute Logistics offers a helping hand and ultimate support of your business, starting from searching for power unit only loads and ending with paperwork done on your behalf.

Professional Dispatching Services for Power Only Trucking Companies

Although power only trucking rates seem not as lucrative as earnings of flatbed or dry van operators, a combo of a driver and a tractor can still be competitive and profitable. Quite a number of shippers and 3PLs use leased trailers to scale up their capacities during peak shipping seasons or weekend surges, and they are eager to source power only trucks for hauling their cargo. Even those shippers who operate their own fleets often look for power only carriers needed to correct network imbalances or cover seasonal fluctuations. 

So, we have plenty of power only shippers out there and a lot of opportunities for tractor owners and trucking companies with a fleet of trailers if they are also ready to provide only power units for shippers. 

The question is how to get them matched and arrive at power only rates per mile comparable with income generated by dry van trucking. 

Resolute Logistics solves this problem thanks to our experts with years of experience in freight brokerage and contacts established with top brokers in the U.S.

You don’t need to join the USA Truck Power Only program or hunt for power only loads all by yourself since our dispatching company will provide you with a much better option:

  • You will get a dedicated dispatcher trained to work with power only freight.
  • Your personal assistant will search through power only load boards to find the best-paying deals and pair them with backhauls so that your tractor can generate more profit for you. 
  • We will select orders according to your wishes, and you retain the right to decline power only truck loads that don’t fit into your preferred lane, require too much skill, or don’t satisfy you in any other way.
  • Since rates for different types of load as well as for regional, long-haul, and local power only loads can vary drastically, we will negotiate the best possible terms based on constant monitoring and analysis of spot rates and loads-to-trucks ratio.
  • Your dispatcher will complete all the required set-up paperwork for you to hit the road without worries.
  • You will stay connected to your dedicated assistant throughout the entire trip to get advice and support 24/7.
  • While you will be doing your job, our team will continue combing through power only load boards with rates to plan your future trips as far in advance as possible and thus provide you with a strong revenue stream.
  • Once you drop off the load, we will collect your billing documents and forward them to brokers/freight factoring companies for payment. 
  • If any dispute with a shipper or broker arises, our experts will engage in negotiations to find the most beneficial solution for all the parties.
  • Whether you want to stick to hot shot power only services or wish to grow to semi-trucks, our experienced team will offer you effective ways to
  • develop your business.

With Resolute Logistics, you don’t need to search for the best power only load board available on the market to keep your tractor busy and earning money. 

We deliver more than any load boards for power only operators — excellent customer care and confidence about the future.