Box Truck

Sick and tired of struggling with paperwork and hunting for decent freight rates in between trips? Our box truck dispatch service will relieve you of all the common headaches truck drivers are forced to encounter daily.


No more clashes with greedy brokers or deadhead trips! Let Resolute Logistics ensure that your box truck is always loaded and keeps generating profit for you instead of burning time and gas money. You drive, we care!

Experts in Dispatching Box Trucks Help You Grow

Having 15 years of experience in freight brokerage, we are very much aware of the benefits you can derive from owning or leasing a box truck. 

This type of equipment comes with better maneuverability and lower gas mileage than those of semi-trucks, which makes it a perfect choice for local runs. 

However, we also know that local delivery and relocations are not the only way for you to make money with your box truck. After all, the demand for moving services and goods delivery can be sporadic in your location, and you will need to fill in the gaps in order to receive a steady income.

But if entrusting the development of your business to our box truck dispatch company, you will be able to enjoy long-haul trips as well and add them to a continuous string of loads found by Resolute Logistics on your behalf. 

While box truck prices are quite affordable to start your own business and the operational costs are usually lower than expenditures associated with semi-trucks, you should keep in mind tough competition on the market.

Besides, box trucks cannot compete with semi-trailers in load capacity and cargo room flexibility, making many shippers give preference to the latter option and, thus, limiting your earning opportunities.

That’s why it might be tricky for you even to find dispatching companies for box trucks.

But it’s not the case with Resolute Logistics, as we are happy to work with non-local box truck owners and drivers of straight box trucks having 26 ft or more in length and equipped with a lift gate.


We provide a full range of dispatch services for box trucks, including:

We are pros in dispatching box trucks, and you can leave all back-office aspects to us!

  • 01 Goal-oriented approach

  • 02 Dedicated agent

  • 03 Search for the best loads and rates

  • 04 Meaningful negotiations

  • 05 Paperwork service