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Hotshot Dispatch Services

Hotshot trucking can bring you some of the highest rates per mile among all trucking equipment types since it almost always implies urgency. But urgency is exactly the thing that makes it difficult for drivers to keep track of offers and grab the best deals in between runs.

Hotshot dispatch services provided by Resolute Logistics remove the obstacle to your business development by undertaking all back-office functions and booking hotshot orders on your behalf.

Growing Your Business with Professional Dispatchers for Hotshot Loads

Hotshot loads offer a great way to start your career in trucking since many of the orders don’t require you to earn a CDL while the barrier of entry is also low. You can be off and running equipped with just a pickup truck and a flatbed trailer, which is much cheaper than investing in Class 8 semis. The operational and insurance costs are more budget-friendly as well, so you can enjoy premium rates for tight deadlines coupled with lower expenditures. Add more home and holiday time thanks to the prevalence of local trips, and you will get quite an inspiring picture.

Hotshot dispatch services

Hotshot dispatch services near me

Why Dispatch Service is a Must-Have for Hotshots

However, you wouldn’t need to even think of hotshot dispatch services if it was all that simple. Hotshot loads are unpredictable and time-sensitive by their nature, which means that you cannot rely on a steady income, yet you have to be ready for a trip at a moment’s notice. 

Deadheading may eat away at your budget, as it is more difficult to find backhauls for hotshot drivers. Besides, the low threshold results in fierce competition, and that is where our hotshot dispatch company can make all the difference.

Benefits of Hotshot Dispatch in Resolute Logistics

The partnership with the Resolute Logistics hotshot dispatch service eliminates the need to painfully grow your own client base.

Boasting a totaled fright brokerage experience of 15 years, our team has established good contact with top brokers on the US market.

The experts of our hot shot dispatch service excel in communication, which allows us to negotiate the best-paying loads for drivers and build positive relationships with shippers and brokers. In addition, we grant hotshot operators access to other benefits.

Why Choose Resolute Logistics’ Hotshot Dispatch Service

  • We assign a personal hotshot dispatcher to each client to stay in touch 24/7 and resolve any issue you might encounter while on the road. These dispatchers are trained to work with every owner-operator as an individual business with their individual strengths. Long runs or medium range ones, Texas or Iowa, owned or rental hotshot truck - we can make it all work.
  • We provide our dispatchers for hotshot loads with ongoing industry-specific training to anticipate problems even before they arise.
  • Our truck dispatch for hotshot loads include handling all the paperwork, starting with preparing set-up packets and ending with billing.
  • Your dedicated hotshot trucking dispatcher will schedule your runs as far ahead as possible to ensure that downtime and deadhead mileage are reduced to the minimum.
  • We will select loads based on your preferences and capabilities while respecting your right to decline an offer that doesn't seem to contribute to reaching your goals. We have partnerships with suppliers and brokers all around the USA and will never leave you without work.
  • If any dispute arises with shippers and brokers, we advise you on the most suitable solution, and can communicate with another party on your behalf.
  • Our dispatch service for hotshot operators is aimed at helping your business to grow; so, if you want to switch to semi-trucks one day, we will develop a plan for you to hit the target and guide you throughout your big rig journey.

Unlike many other hotshot dispatch companies, Resolute Logistics offers end-to-end support for hotshot owner-operators so that they can focus on doing their job without any stress and hassle. The whole of our experienced, committed, and agile team will work towards this goal, as excellent customer care is our top priority. Hotshotting is easy when you’ve got professional dispatch services for hotshot loads!

Frequently Asked Questions about Resolute Logistics Hotshot Dispatch Service 

When signing up for a service, it’s normal to be worried about its quality and cost. Fortunately, we have nothing to hide regarding either. In fact, hiring a dispatcher will most likely end up in you saving more money, since you will have access to much better loads and a degree of financial protection from slow days and unexpected events.

  • How much does hotshot dispatch service cost?

    Our hotshot dispatch service cost 5% of your gross revenue. That means $50 off a load worth $1000, etc.

  • Why do we choose Resolute Logistics for the hotshot trucking dispatch services?

    Resolute Logistics is the best option as we provide better service for a more reasonable cost compared to other dispatch companies for hotshot loads. Check out independent feedback and see for yourself.

  • Why exactly does Resolute Logistics provide a better hotshot dispatch service than the others?

    It’s complicated, and sort of a trade secret as well. To start with, we have partnerships with many suppliers and brokers all around the USA, and thus can provide our customers with loads that don’t ever hit public load boards. We are the best of all hotshot dispatch companies for owner-operators!

  • How to Get the Best Hotshot Dispatch Service?

    Simply apply for Resolute Logistics hotshot dispatch service! A member of our Sales team will reach out to you right away, and if there are no issues with the application, you will be assigned a dispatcher, and they will start working with you right away.

  • Are There any Strings Attached to our Hotshot Truck Dispatch Service?

    No, we only make money with dispatchers’ fees, which depend on your loads’ prices. That’s really all there is to it.

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