Dry Van / Reefer

If you are searching for ways to earn more money running your dry van and reefer business, Resolute Logistics has the solution. Thanks to 15 years of combined experience in freight brokerage, we know all those roadblocks to the seamless flow of loads and shipping orders that prevent you from getting higher profits. From a mess in papers to lack of communication and hands-on support in emergency situations, our dry van and reefer dispatching service will fix every problem, boost your earnings, and ensure the steady growth of your business.


Get the best Reefer and Dry Van loads with our expert dispatchers.

Because of this, brokers know to offer their best available rates to Dry Vans and Reefers, ensuring you can get the best rates in every lane. Having a dedicated team working with Dry Vans and Reefers, we will fix every problem, boost your earning, and ensure the steady growth of your business.


To get a reasonable rate for a load, owner-operators often need to stay glued to loadboards and their inbox, trying to reason with brokers and figure out the paperwork. Our dispatch service completely eliminates this stressful and unpleasant experience, allowing you to focus on what matters - managing your trucking business.

Some loads - usually the most well-paying of them - have special requirements for their management and delivery. For example, food items in reefers need to be at a certain temperature at all times, and certain dry van loads have restrictions on how the truck itself may be driven with the load inside. These conditions can be difficult to manage and remember - but with our dispatch service, you don't have to.

Resolute Logistics takes dry van and reefer owner-operators under its wing and delivers the industry-leading level of dispatching services:

  • 01 Individual attention to each driver

  • 02 Equipment-specific training

  • 03 Planning trips far in advance

  • 04 24/7 support at all stages