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Superhuman Logistics Experts

Freight Logistics Services for US and Canadian Carriers

Scale Your Carrier Business

We build dedicated teams of logistics coordinators and specialists to take the load off your mind

Every year billions of tons of cargo are delivered to happy customers all over the world. How is this possible? Easy - a professional, qualified logistics coordinators and specialists. Determined logistics experts understand how bad reviews and bad ratings on load boards can affect your business. We shoot for the stars.

  • Logistics experts team for carriers in the US & Canada capable to effectively coordinate day-to-day logistics operations

  • Training program for logistics coordinators and specialists taught by logistics experts

  • The ability to maintain the reputation of your company and the high level of services provided

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Want to scale?

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Looking for an advantage over competitors?

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Need a trusted freight logistics partner?

Get a dedicated team extension of experienced logistics coordinators and specialists

Meet our founders

Our founders are driven, reliable leaders that form the pillars of Logistics, Technology, and Experience. 

Our company was founded on the belief that every carrierdeserves access to top-tier freight logistics experts.
With Resolute, you get all the benefits of trained, professional freight logistics coordinators and specialists - skilled negotiators to seal the deal, proactive communicators that will handle the details, and representatives that fight for your interests.

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    Alexander Nikulin

    Alexander knows the logistics business inside and out. Thirteen years ago he started his own freight logistics company that is still growing and expanding today.

  • Ann Maisner photo

    Vasyl Soloshchuk

    Vasyl has over a decade of experience in the IT industry. He has a lucrative software development business that builds offshore R&D teams for US-based clients.

  • Tomas Abbar photo

    Elijah Litvinov

    Elijah is obsessed with getting freight from point A to point B. He leverages his 5+ years experience in the US freight market to guarantee loads get delivered on time. 

We can help to cover more loads!

Why choose Resolute?

Get your business on the move!

  • More than logistics

    We provide a comprehensive package that will allow you to scale quickly and easily. It includes hiring and training personnel, 24/7 support, and performance management.

  • New opportunities

    We know how to find reliable logistics experts who are problem solvers and proactive communicators. Find with us how our team extension to your logistics coordinators can help you cover more loads.

  • Dedicated teams

    You value dedication. Resolute handpicks the best candidates for your team. You only pay a % out of the generated revenue and we take care of the rest.

  • Experts in freight

    Decades of experience in both logistics and outstaffing are reflected in our no-nonsense approach to helping you grow.

  • We value time

    Your priority is to increase profits, ours is to deliver on time and under pressure. We want to lessen your load. 

Our results

  • 100+

    Truckloads delivered

    By each specialist every month
  • 15%+

    Better margin on freight rate

    Every logistics specialist
  • 6000+

    Minutes spent on phone

    Per month

US carriers are already scaling withoutsourced teams. Start your journey now!

Let’s move forward together


Our logistics coordinators and specialists have solid experience working with major logistics companies directly and with load boards.

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